About Our Business

Unencumbered Speech is a multipurpose web space design.  It is designed as
(1) a ready reference site to useful and educational resources;
(2) a spot to brag about family accomplishments;
(3) a forum to banter political, social, economical, etc ideas;
(4) a place to develop my wife's craft and hobbies business; and
(5) a resource and educational facility for students with links to great online reference
sites and a developing area to have curriculum, assignments, and grading/commentary
of assignments available for all students, but a particular emphasis on homeschooling.

This website (and sub-sites) was first conceived when my wife and I decided to
homeschool our children.  It only grew from there as a tool for other activities (and more
to come if needed).

We accept offers for suggestions to develop and enhance the features and tools of the
site - especially in relation to the education aspects.  Please
email them to us.
About Us
Or at least just what we want you to
believe about us