Until I figure out this FTP thing (without losing control of
editing my web pages), please engage in the dialogue at
Unencumbered Speech Blog at Blogger.com.  If you
do not already have a Blogger ID, it is free and easy to set
up so that you can view and participate in the Blog
discussions. Hope to here from you.
I will be posting articles to read on this site in addition to the blogging.  If you
would like to submit articles to be published here, please
email the articles to
me (preferably in a Word format (.doc) or Adobe (.pdf) since I do not have
WordPerfect currently.  Also, please include in the email a short (one paragraph)
synopsis of the article.  The synopsis will be posted on this web page as the
lead for the full article published on a separate page.  On occasion, I will also
post full articles on this page.  Further, feel free to
email counter articles or
arguments to the posted articles.  I will post them along side the countered
article.  You may also wish to engage in a
blog discussion for a more lively and
real-time discussion.
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