Here are the flags of each country, state
and providence, and historical region we
have lived in as a family or individually...

After living in Florida (and currently in
Louisiana) for so long, we must include our
Southern Heritage.


FLORIDA (2000-2005) (Joshua prior 1988-1998)

TEXAS (2008-Pres)

LOUISIANA (2005-2008)

ONTARIO (Joshua from 1998-2000 - Holly
1977-2000, minus time in BC)

BRITISH COLUMBIA (Holly from 1998-1999)

WASHINGTON (Joshua from 1979-1983)

UTAH (Joshua from 1983-1988)

NOVA SCOTIA (Holly from 1975-1977)

Joshua's Family Background
Ancestors from Prussia,
Germany, Sweden, Denmark,
England, Ireland (though they are
originally Norman Vikings)

Holly's Family Background
Ancestors from Scotland and
The Smith Module began development
phase Dec. 22, 2000 after being sealed in
the Toronto Canada Temple. This came
after three arduous months of research
and planning after contact first initiated
Sept. 2000. Almost thirteen months after
development began, our first prototype
was released - Adam. Nineteen months
later our second prototype was released -
Emma.  Then, twenty-one months later our
three prototype was released - Seth.  
Finally twenty-four months later we have
enhanced production capabilities and
produced the fourth prototype in duplicates
- Michael & Matthew.  
Feeling our research and development
have produced the desired products, we
are currently undergoing long term
analysis of our five prototypes.
Please review the prototype links to assist
in the assessment.
Born in Washington State (1979) and is the
oldest among eight siblings.  Graduated UCF in
2002 with a B.A. in History (Political Science
minor) and graduated Barry Law as the
Valedictorian (Spring 2005 graduating class)
with a Juris Doctorate (J.D.), summa cum
laude.  Currently working on a Masters in
Military History from LSU and teaches paralegal
courses at CTC as an adjunct.

Served full-time mission in the
Canada Toronto
West Mission from Aug. 1998 to Sept. 2000.

Joshua is currently a CPT in the United States
Army - JAG Corps.
Fort Polk, LA (2005-2008).
Fort Hood, TX (2008-Pres.)
Born in Nova Scotia (1975) - currently
working on B.A. & homeschooling the
prototypes seen above.  Holly also is
engaged in volunteer efforts with
Army Family Team Building.

Served full-time mission in the
Canada Vancouver Mission from Apr.
1998 to Oct. 1999.

Holly recently became a United States
citizen in September 2005.
Smith Family
In Business Since 2000
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