Great accomplishments are
required of fathers and mothers
before Satan has power to tempt
little children.  It is the
responsibility of the parents to lay
a solid foundation by teaching
Church standards by example
and by precept. To the sisters,
this means they must make a
career of motherhood.  They must
let nothing supersede that career.
Teachings of Presidents of the
Church Harold B. Lee, p.143
It is a fundamental truth that the
responsibilities of motherhood
cannot be successfully
delegated.  No, not to day-care
centers, not to schools, not to
nurseries, not to baby-sitters... A
child needs a mother more than
all the things money can buy.  
Spending time with your children
is the greatest gift of all.
Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson,
p. 515
If your just starting to teach your child, get Teach
Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons)
The Literature Network - looking for an author
to expose your students to...
Perseus Digital Library - Classic from
Greece, Rome, England Renaissance and
Aesop Fables - read lessons learned...

Renascence Editions - works printed in
English between 1477 and 1799
Accounting, Entrepreneurial Ideas, etc.)
Math Lesson Plans - (txt formats)

AAA Math - basic math skills

ByMath - basic algebra, geometry,
trigonometry, etc.
Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc.)
How Stuff Works - source of step-by-step
instruction on how things/stuff works
National Geographic Society - follow up at the
National Geographic Education site for
lesson plans, etc.
Discovery School - lesson plans, science
Seaworld Education - teacher guides and
booklets about sea animals
Rockets - design & build your own rockets
NASA - also see NASA Kids.
History, Government, Humanities, etc.)
Smithsonian Institute - also contains hard
science stuff
Library of Congress - check out the online
digital library
The Federalist Papers - read the arguments
in favor of our Federalist form of government
(also check out their
Main Page (Federalist))
U.S. Government Printing Office - link to
legislative, executive, and judicial publication
US States - information on the individual
American President - great site for
information on the US Presidents
Confederate States of America - historical
overview of the CSA
The American Civil War - Civil War history
and links to events & organizations
I know it is a soft science, but too many links)
Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, etc.)
Wikipedia - a great online Encyclopedia

The Free Dictionary (Farlex) - a great

Brainy Atlas - maps, flags, etc...

Homework Spot - online reference library - online reference library - also check out their
homework page for educational tools...

Kids on the Web - more homework tools...

Questia - online library

PBS Teacher's Source - PBS provided
information for teachers
Below are great research links by topic for students of all ages - some links will contain multiple subjects.  These
are not other homeschool sites.  For specific assignments, go to my
Assignments Page. At the bottom of this page,
there are links specifically designed for Pre-K through 8th Grades and other homeschoolers' sites.
Houghton Mifflin Education Place - resources
for the basic subject matters
Education 4 Kids - drills for basic subjects
(though you need to be a member to access
some of the stuff)
Sesame Street Workshop - Sesame Street
games and resources
Yahooligans - Yahoo's kids site - link to printables &
Coloring - link to printables & activities
Kids Domain - games, coloring, etc...
CATO Institute - Individual Liberty, Limited
Government, Free Market...
Ludwig Von Mises Institute - economic &
political publications
Political Parties - short descriptions and links
to American political parties
Foundation for Economic Education -
economic publications
The Heritage Foundation - policy research &
National Center for Constitutional Studies -
The Wallbuilders -
We understand that have all the answers here, but if you would like to check other
homeschool sites you go
Homeschool World - articles, organizations,
School of Abraham - Christian
Heritage Homeschool - curriculum, info...
The Jubilee Academy - Christian
LDS Home Educators Association -
Homeschool Hutt -
LDS Homeschooling -
Homeschool Support - good info, but may
be old or dated
Home 4 School Gear - homeschooling
A Beka Books - homeschooling textbooks - source of
homeshool materials
School Specialty Publishing - materials
Evan-Moor Publishing - school materials
Teacher Created Resources - just what it
Really Good Stuff - materials & curriculum
Dover Publications - school materials
Carson-Dellosa Publishing - materials
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Enchanted Learning
(Great site for information, testing
materials, etc on most subjects for
elementary education